The Future of Aquaculture: webinar recording available

  • January 18, 2023
  • News

Our webinar on Aquaculture from last year brought insightful talks with industry experts who shared valuable insights, case studies, and an overview of the Aquaculture market in Brazil and Norway. If you missed it, the recording is now available to watch.

We heard from Roberto Flores, Head of Technology Transfer at Embrapa, presenting Embrapa’s business model, the Fisheries and Aquaculture branch, and the potential for investment in research in the Brazilian aquaculture sector. Felipe Franco, Executive Director at BTJ Aqua and Vice-President at PeixeBR, talked about BTJ’s history and their projects Biofloc and Net Circle Cage. In addition, he presented an overview of Brazilian Aquaculture, explaining the market, the role of Peixe BR, the panorama of the value chain, and its future place in World Aquaculture. Alejandro Tola Alvarez, CEO at GenoMar, shared the case study in Brazil “Modern Breeding & Genetics in Aquaculture”. Trude Olafsen, Global Solution Manager at AKVAGroup, talked about new solutions based on research, presenting a global technology and service provider to the aquaculture industry by AKVA sea-based, land-based, and digital solutions. And Jon-Arne Grøttum, Director Aquaculture at Sjømat Norge, delved into Aquaculture in the Norwegian market.

The Future of Aquaculture, part 1 (featuring Embrapa)
The Future of Aquaculture, part 2 (featuring BTJ Aqua)
The Future of Aquaculture, part 3 (featuring GenoMar)
The Future of Aquaculture, part 4 (featuring AKVA Group)
The Future of Aquaculture, part 5 (featuring Sjømat Norge)
The Future of Aquaculture, part 6 (featuring PeixeBR)

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