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  • February 21, 2023
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by Alessandra Ribeiro from Tendências Consultoria

Tendências Consultoria is a reference in economics and corporate finance solutions. Our commitment is to help our clients understand economic issues and navigate the specificities of the most varied sectors, identifying risks and opportunities for business and investments to support the best decision-making. 

Our five main areas of expertise are Law & Economics, Corporate Finance, Infrastructure, Macroeconomic & Political Analysis, and Sectoral & Regional Analysis. We develop tailored studies, projects, reports, and opinions, according to the demands of each client, always acting with high technical rigor and multidisciplinary training. 

We add to our solutions innovative data science and computer science techniques that enhance our results through fast and well-founded solutions. 

Our performance is guided by objectivity, clarity, excellence, reputation, and independence since our foundation in 1996. We serve organizations of the most diverse profiles, segments, sizes, and operations.

About Alessandra Ribeiro:

Partner and Director of Macroeconomics and Sectoral Analysis at Tendências Consultoria. She holds a master’s in Economics and Finance from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). She worked at Bovespa Stock Exchange (currently B3) and is a counselor at the Regional Council of Economics (Corecon-SP). Alessandra also published the book “The economy: how it evolved and how it works” in co-authorship with the former Finance Minister, Mailson da Nóbrega (2016).

Web-meetup Brazil Forward:

The BNCC is hosting the web-meetup “Brazil Forward: Policy changes impacting trade and economy” with Alessandra Ribeiro to discuss the prospects of the Brazilian Economy and business opportunities focusing on Brazil and Norway. On Thursday, February 23, at 13:30CET. It’s FREE, online and we invite you to join us from wherever you are.


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