Discover the multifaceted journey of Barbara H. Schmitt: Screenwriter, Producer, and Children’s Books Writer

  • February 7, 2023
  • Member Spotlight, News

Barbara Schmitt, Screenwriter, producer, and children’s books writer. Photo: Tomas Kibsgaard Larsen

Barbara Schmitt is a talented screenwriter, producer, and children’s books writer who has made a name for herself in the film industry and beyond. With a background in screenplay writing and film production, Barbara has won awards, produced films, and written books that captivate the imagination of young readers. In today’s member spotlight, we take a closer look at Barbara’s journey, from her roots in Brazil to her current work in Norway.

Barbara was born in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, and started her journey in the film industry at a young age. By age 15, she won the award for Best Screenplay with the short movie “Ideologia Dominante” at the 2004 FIKA Film Festival in Blumenau, Brazil. With a degree in Screenplay for Cinema and TV series from Umeå University and a Master’s in film production at Den Norske Filmskolen. Barbara has honed her skills and worked on several film productions in Brazil and Sweden. She has worked as a script consultant, dramaturg, production manager, and production assistant and has a rich background in the film industry.

Barbara has expanded her horizons in Norway and taken up new challenges. She now writes children’s books full of adventure and fantasy. Her latest project, “Ida and Ed”, is a cartoon TV series that aims to raise awareness about environmental issues among children. The series follows the adventures of two environmental agents, Ida and Ed, who work to solve challenges that endanger nature and animals. In addition, Barbara is a film teacher at Kongsberg Cultural School. In this role, she produced the short film PerF*CKED, which won the prize for best short film fiction at Amandus Festivalen in Lillehammer, the Nordic region’s largest youth film festival.

Image credit: Film group at Kongsberg cultural school, represented by Barbara Schmitt (left) and the student Kherto Maalin. Photo: Amandusfestivalen / Alexander Henningen

Barbara is a talented and multifaceted professional who has built a fascinating journey in Norway. From her early days in the film industry to her current work as a children’s books writer and film teacher, Barbara has accomplished remarkable achievements and is making a difference in the lives of young people. To learn more about Barbara and her projects, visit her website at

The cartoon TV series “Ida & Ed”

Ida and Ed is a Cartoon TV series for children aged 4-6, under production with the publisher Todo Livro in Brazil. During 11 minutes per episode, adventure and humor guide us through the history of two environmental agents, Ida and Ed. In each episode, the environmental agents have to solve a challenge where nature and animals are in danger. For the next generation to act on environmental issues and promote sustainable behaviors, Barbara envisions making a massive impact by raising awareness among those who destroy nature and our consuming behaviors.

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