Spotlight on Social Impact: Unveiling Dream Learn Work’s Mission in Brazil

  • November 13, 2023
  • Member Spotlight

In this member spotlight we will bring forth one of the many organizations that work with social projects in Brazil – Dream Learn Work 

There is no secret that Brazil struggles with a wide range of social differences and, to quote Iris Frøyby (General Manager) on this topic, the people from the poor communities in the country would not survive without the NGOs.

Last year, Iris participated in our CSR (Corporate, Social Responsibility) panel, sharing insights about DLW‘s work. Now, we’re excited to provide our members with a glimpse into this incredible project and organization. 

The organization is being run through boards in both Norway and Brazil. Since 2008, DLW has given education to more than 1400 young people aged 17-25 in the region of Rio de Janeiro, where they focus very much on preparing them for the work that the market demands at any given moment. 

To motivate young people from backgrounds embossed by hardship, to choose education, dreams and inspiration are key triggers. 

Hence the name of this great organization.

  • Dream: To inspire vulnerable young people to dream, see opportunities, and set future goals and help fulfill these goals.
  • Learn:  To support courses and studies in many different areas at recognized educational institutions and help young people with commitment and motivation.
  • Work: We are a bridge builder between our partner companies and young people so that they get relevant work experience.

Over the last 8 years, DLW has had a 97% completion achievement. This is thanks to the close follow-up of students along the way and great help with coaching by mentors from our partner companies. 
It is also important to mention that  60% of the education program participants are women, and 65 % of those who have gained a professional qualification through DLW are currently in paid jobs.

Watch this video to hear some of them tell their own stories.

If we are to mention one success story from DLW, it should be the story of their former leader in Rio de Janeiro – who had her entire education financed by the project, all the way to mechanical engineer and is now working for Kongsberg Maritime. 

This shows that there are no limits if one is given the opportunity. 

So, Dream, Learn and Work

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