The Amazon Forest Room: an artistic immersion

  • November 28, 2022
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Credit: Mariano Garcia

Brazil 200 looked to the future and invited Osklen, a Brazilian leading sustainable fashion brand, and Instituto-E, a Brazilian NGO, to represent Brazil as pioneers in sustainable development projects in the country and abroad.

Oskar Metsavath, President of Instituto-E, Founder and Creative Director of Osklen, and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for the Culture of Peace, Sustainability, and the Ocean Decade, has found innovative ways to ethical and sustainable fashion as the founder of Osklen. Under the “new luxury” vision, the clothing brand has used a type of fish skin that was previously thrown away, which today turns into the most beautiful garments. In the same way, natural latex and waste become stylish Osklen sneakers.

– If we create real sustainable jobs, products, and services from our biodiversity, we will make a turnaround for Brazil and the planet.

Oskar Metsavaht

In 2006, Oskar Metsavaht and Osklen founded the non-governmental research institution Instituto-E, which has developed a methodology called Sustainable Design Thinking. During Brazil 200, they presented the immersive room experience “A connection with ancestry & nature” and hundreds of people have dived into how they are reshaping the way to think about sustainability to create change through fashion.

Credit: Mariano Garcia

The Amazon Forest Room featured:

  • An installation with Osklen’s products made with sustainable raw materials from Amazon such as jute, Pirarucu skin leather, and natural latex.
  • The video Manifesto – Amazon Guardians: A movement for the urgency of preserving the Amazon Forest
  • The ASAP – As Sustainable As Possible, As Soon As Possible documentary, (Chicago Fashion Film Festival – Eco Sustainable Winner 2019, La Fashion Film Festival – Official Selection / Screening 2019, Milano Fashion Film Festival – Special Screening) about Osklen’s sustainable supply chains and its impacts, which brings the vision of the “new luxury”: the association of a design product, quality, and aesthetics aligned with sustainable socio-environmental practices
More details on Instituto-E and Osklen

Instituto-E is a Brazilian NGO founded by Oskar Metsavaht which has been working for more than 30 years with sustainable development – through its methodology called Sustainable Design Thinking.  Instituto-E develops projects inspired by the 6Es – earth, environment, energy, education, empowerment, and economics – in Brazil and abroad, in partnership with institutions such as UNESCO, Ministry of the Environment of Italy, British Chamber of Commerce of Italy (BCCI), UN Ethical Fashion Initiative, WWF and Osklen. — @institutoe

Osklen is a leading sustainable fashion brand from Brazil that represents the expression of a genuine lifestyle connected by the balance of an urban life integrated with nature. design + art + sustainability makes up the universe of Osklen that brings the vision of the “new luxury”: the association of a design product, quality, and aesthetics aligned with sustainable socio-environmental practices. Instituto-E acts as an in-house partner for sustainability in Osklen-developing projects and solutions to create a more ethical way of doing fashion. — @osklen

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